Ute Burkhardt together with Prof. Mengele, first chairman of the German Leadership Award e.V., and the strategy and leadership expert Peter Liepolt as a talk guest at the business relations network dinner on the subject of “Management vs.”. Leadership “

Hirschberg, May 08th, 2018

At the invitation of Heidelberger br business relations GmbH, comepack CEO Ute Burkhardt participated as a guest of honor at a network dinner, which was titled “Management Vs. Leadership. At Level 12, above the rooftops of Heidelberg, 30 entrepreneurs, managers and executives from the Rhine Neckar Metropolitan Region met.

Gertrud Hilser, Managing Director of business relations GmbH, welcomed the guests. Managing Director Josef Stumpf gave an introductory impulse to the topic “Management, Leadership, Leadership 4.0”. In a moderated conversation, Prof. Dr. Mengele, first chairman of the German Leadership Award e.V., talked about outstanding leadership examples and the difference between leadership philosophies of other countries compared to Germany. Ute Burkhardt reported on the leadership practice of comepack GmbH. She underlined the importance of the corporate culture as well as the mission statement and the values ​​that are the basis for dealing with each other and the leadership. “At comepack, the focus is on the employee,” says Burkhardt. Peter Liepolt gave additional practical tips and explained connections and approaches to specific leadership challenges. The invitation given to comepack underlines the increasing positive image and perception generated by comepack GmbH. This year, comepack GmbH has also been nominated for the “Grand Prix of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”.