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Automotive, pharmaceuticals or trade – every industry needs special solutions. We have them. comepack solves your requirements for return logistics individually and industry-specifically. We will keep you successfully on your chosen path with many years of project experience from renowned customers hailing from many different industries, thorough consultation and customized solutions. We will help you process orders more effectively and achieve your targets more quickly.

Automotive & Agricultural Machinery


This branch of the industry cooperates with a global production network. A correspondingly large number of suppliers and subsuppliers must supply parts quickly, safely, cost-efficiently and environmentally compatibly to the production site just in time. 90% of the reusable carriers used in production, storage and transport are standardized. They are essential parts of logistics and must be available just in time, just as the parts inside them.

Automotive Logistik


The most frequently used container in this industry is the VDA small load carrier. It is specifically designed for the logistics processes in the automotive industry. Containers for small load carriers can additionally be supplemented with customized foam inserts, interim layers and lids so that all parts will reach their destinations cleanly and perfectly secured. In reality, the product range will never fit in small load carriers entirely, so that special packaging is used as well.

Furthermore, many different large load carriers are used for large parts. In contrast to the VDA small load carriers, there are no consistent standard containers for this.

Product range

The product range is very diverse and covers anything from parts or entire assemblies such as injection molding and punched parts, turned and precision parts, to sensitive electronic parts. The diversity of products and their different demands to carriers often make carrier standardization difficult. However, as our experience shows, it is not impossible.

comepack Behältermanagement Anwendungsbereich Automotive

Requirements to the
Service Provider

Dense Depot Network

Range of Standard VDA Small Load Carriers

Pooling & Handling of Special Packaging

Flexible Cleaning Quality

(oil-free / particle-free >200 µm)

Delivery Compliance



Sensitive handling and utmost reliability are vital in the distribution of pharmaceutical and health care products.
Goods must be made according to the principle of GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) and distributed according to the principle of GDP (“Good Distribution Practice”), posing great challenges to logisticians. The temperature must be kept within precise bounds and documented. This requires actively temperature-controlled transport that is particularly expensive in the range of +2 to +8 °Celsius.

Pharmazie Ladungsträger


The pharmaceutical industry knows no standard packaging. Although there is a trend towards reusable container, many goods are still shipped in cardboard boxes. The changing trend is in particular due to transport damage, handling and repacking processes and an attempt to avoid waste. Volume-reducible containers are usually used in the reusable area, since the capacity of the delivery vehicles, as well as the storage capacity in pharmacies, is limited.

Product range

The product range is divided into two requirements profiles for storage and transport: +2 to +8 °Celsius and +15 to +25 °Celsius. Keep in mind that these may be liquid or solid, cheap or extremely expensive products. The sales packaging must never therefore be damaged in transport. Damaged transport packaging is often reason enough for the recipient to file a complaint, which makes transport damage a subject that affects everyone involved.

comepack Behältermanagement Anwendungsbereich Pharmazie

Requirements to the
Service Provider

Single Container
Tracking with Barcode and/or RFID

Range of Volume-Reducible Containers

Containers for Passive Temperature-Controlled Solutions

High Cleaning Requirements

(Sales packaging is placed directly in the load carriers)

Delivery Compliance

Retail (Non-food)


Availability and area-comprehensive distribution of goods is the most important criterion in non-food retail. The large product range, sometimes severe seasonal fluctuation and additional campaign business pose immense challenges to logistics processes. Picking processes must be quick and repacking is absolutely out of the question. Therefore, mature packaging solutions for supplier and branch logistics are an essential factor for success.



Return processes are our future. While many product segments still use a lot of cardboard transport packaging, it is increasingly replaced by reusable carriers. Euro pallets are also giving way to plastic pallets and trolleys have become firmly established in branch supply.

Product Range

The range width and depth varies strongly but may comprise more than 200,000 items even in the non-food area. The diverse and different sizes and properties of the products pose very different requirements for packaging. Usually, the outer packaging of the products is already adjusted to the transport packaging, permitting mostly standardized transport packaging.

comepack Behältermanagement Anwendungsbereich Handel

Requirements to the
Service Provider

It must be
possible to compensate for seasonal fluctuations

supply of producers

Delivery Compliance

Further Industries

comepack solutions ensure smooth return logistics in many other industries as well, including those of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, lock & fitting technology, household appliances, heating/pump technology and many others. Here, we can find the reusable container that are the best match for our customers. Apart from this, we control the entire empties logistics from collection to storage, cleaning & picking, to scheduling and supply to all sites.


Mechanical engineering


Domestic appliances


Electrical engineering

Heiz- und Pumptechnik

Heating and pumping technology

Schloss- und Beschlagstechnik

Lock and fitting technology

Luft- und Raumfahrt




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