Hirschberg, October 27th, 2015

After a four-month project phase, we were able to open the Polish national company comepack Sp. z o.o. and the new comepack Service Center in Rybnik (Poland) this summer.

The market for container management, pooling and container cleaning experiences above-average growth in Eastern Europe. Existing, new and potential customers therefore welcome the new site at the country triangle Poland / Slovenia / Czech Republic in one of Eastern Europe’s largest industrial regions.

After conversion and renovation work, comepack now has a service center with a total production and storage area of 3,000 m² as well as two modern container and lid/pallet cleaning machines. Thus, comepack ensures the same services and the same high quality standard in Rybnik as in the other 7 European service centers.

The new branch can be utilized to its full annual capacity of 1.6 M parts in single-shift operation from the very beginning. 24-hour-utilization in three-shift operation is the target for the end of 2017.