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Newly formed in the year 2020, our Digital Services division marks a transformation point in comepack’s history. It unites our digital resource- and competence spectrum.

Its core competencies are less IT-specific in the classical sense and more focused on our digital product- and service line. It includes the support of our container management systems, tracking and tracing technologies, links between system and customer networks, as well as data generation from container movement.

Consequently, comepack manages to serve its customers on multiple levels (container management, data delivery, data analysis). Digital Services also encompasses the validation, analysis, and interpretation of data to deduce appropriate measures.

Sebastian Hook, head of Digital Services: „We are convinced, that transparent data drives productivity. One thing is for sure: IT amortizes itself through the benefit to the process. Increased process performance, time-to-market, and cost-effectiveness are comepack’s main focus.“

Our Digital Services department proactively accompanies clients on their digitization journey. We’re not only a technology and process consultant. Project implementation and accompaniment are part of our daily business too. “We of course achieve that by focusing on our core competencies, without trying to be a system house.”, says Hook.
This full spectrum is already part of our standard service package – ranging from small but excellent expansion stages up to comprehensive solutions for efficient container management. comepacks declared goal is to add considerable value to their customers by establishing world-class digital solutions.

Benefit from comepack’s vast experience and competence in Digital Services:

  • future viability of your projects
  • business- and process-oriented
  • reliability of operative functions
  • use of best practices and scaling effects
  • optimized customer experience through state-of-the-art service spectrum
  • responsibility for successful solutions and implementations lies on comepack
  • appropriate degree of innovation: focus on ROI
  • cost-efficient by avoiding administrative overheads
  • in time, in budget, in quality through efficient project procedure (agile, iterative, MVP approach – guided by the SCRUM methods)


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