comepack Hornbach
Hirschberg, August 20th, 2015

comepack has been awarded the order for implementation of return logistics management at Hornbach!

HORNBACH Baumarkt AG currently operates 148 DIY and garden stores in Germany and in other European countries, with average sizes in excess of 11,600 square meters. No other competitor in Europe can match this value. With pioneering achievements such as the first combined DIY and garden store (1968), the first megastore (1980) and the first DIY store with drive-in (2003), HORNBACH continually proves its innovation power.

Hornbach Baumarkt AG was looking for a solution to make inbound goods processes in its three logistics centers in Germany more efficient and standardized. Transport and storage costs, as well as the time expenditure when packing and unpacking many different cardboard boxes no longer fit the concept. Containers were to be standardized. In order to ensure the greatest flexibility, the service provider was to rent out its containers. The service provider was also to ensure delivery of reusable container to the suppliers. Where container selection was concerned, it was important to reduce the empty volume to keep transport costs and CO2 emissions low.

The solution was the management system and volume-reducible reusable container series MULTI PACK by comepack!

The Multi Pack series is nesting, volume-reducible and compatible with each other. In full goods transport, the Hornbach suppliers are able to use their bins optimally. In empties transport, the Multipack series achieves a bin utilization improvement of up to 70% as compared to similar stiff plastic containers. Hornbach chose three different sizes from the MULTI PACK series (300×200 mm, 400×300 mm and 600×400 mm). The current total pool size is 50,000 containers.

comepack is a leading service provider in the area of container management, with more than 20 years of experience. The portfolio reaches from container cleaning and renting to organizing transport. comepack, a company of Roman Mayer Logistik Group, offers its services from 17 sites in Europe and Asia.

The management system had to ensure automated top-up control for the suppliers. comepack ensures this option through its dedicated container management software. A reporting stock level is defined for each supplier based on the specific demand. When this reporting level is reached, the system will suggest a defined top-up delivery. comepack’s employees check the orders generated by the system every day and distribute them among the Hornbach logistics centers. These in turn deliver to the respective suppliers on the following day. Inventory and movement data are available in real time around the clock via the comepack web portal and any common web browser for all participants in the cycle, which makes inventories and goods flows transparent for Hornbach at any time. Excess inventories, unnecessary transport and the additional costs resulting from this can be avoided this way.

Stefan Höhl, head of technology, organization and controlling at Hornbach Baumarkt AG: “comepack with its many years of know-how in the area of container management with high innovation power has turned out to be our ideal partner! We wanted to be able to influence the system’s design and to adjust it to our needs as well.” The close spatial proximity of comepack in Hirschberg to the Hornbach headquarters was a positive side effect.