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Our experienced employees will develop customized solutions for you allowing for slim and effective empties management that can be fully integrated into your internal processes. This includes continued support throughout implementation and beyond. We can also take over operative administration & control of your pool to give you more time to develop your own business.


Consulting & Analysis

For every customer, we initially analyze the individual starting situation. We specifically look at structures and processes relevant for return logistics along the entire supply chain. Based on your needs and targets, we thus identify the most important action fields together with you for efficient container management.

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Based on the results of the analysis phase, we develop a customized carrier management concept for you that seamlessly blends in with your existing logistics. Integration of external partners such as suppliers and/or customers is considered in this as well. We develop a modular product mix for you with individual services that already meet all your requirements.


We create small, as well as very large, comprehensive container management solutions for our customers. In implementation, this means lots of work for project management. We take over a great share of this and provide every customer with a project manager who will plan and control implementation together with you and help you personally with advice and support at all times. Commitment and many years of experience thus ensure smooth implementation.

Behältermanagement comepack Implementierung
Behältermanagement comepack Optimierung


No returnable logistics system is perfect, but we can make it more efficient. We help you identify and solve the bottlenecks and process errors in your empties management through process & data analyses. This way, container flows, inventory levels and the entire load carrier pool can be optimized in a demand-oriented manner.


Everyone needs empties – all the way – and preferably by yesterday. Our customer service will record all empties demands, manage them and is the central point of contact for all recipients of empties. Recording and administration of orders therefore takes place via a central international order center. This is the basis for effective demand planning and control of the container flows.

Behältermanagement comepack Order Management
Behältermanagement comepack Pool Steuerung Monitoring


Operative empties management takes place in our Logistics Operations department. The team will analyze the order & demand situation and reconcile it with the current and future available reusable container inventories. This way, we generate far-reaching planning safety and will be able to counter any bottlenecks early on to ensure availability and empties supply of the recipients at all times. The load equipment is distributed optimally and in a demand-oriented manner.


Based on order planning, our Logistics Operations team plans and orders transport for delivery and collection of load equipment to and from your suppliers, factories and customers. We cooperate with leading forwarders across Europe to continually optimize transport and achieve a high delivery compliance through regular invitations for tender and audits.

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Your added value with comepack

  • Know how

    A specialist in return logistics systems for more than 25 years

  • Discover potential

    Unexpected potentials from the out of the box principle

  • Product mix

    Individual service packages according to your requirements

  • Outsourcing

    Better use of your resources … we will relieve you in day-to-day business

  • Efficiency

    Central administration & control by specialists

  • Costs

    Save administration, process, pool & transport costs


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Transparency and full control over your carriers. No more wastage & bottlenecks! Our container management system shows you the full potential of your reusable logistics.

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How clean would you like things? We will clean your small load carriers, trays, plastic pallets and large load carriers precisely to your specifications.

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We know all about reusable container and will find just the right mix for you. Our rental & pooling models will ensure full flexibility for you without requiring any investments on your side.



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