Hirschberg, August 27th, 2015

After a six-month project phase, the new comepack Service Center in Mendig was opened in April. comepack offers its customers improved services and higher cleaning quality in the new site with a new cleaning machine and larger storage areas.

Cleaning uses two parallel tracks with a variable inner space that is 20 to 800 mm wide and 1,000 mm high (industrial size). The particularly energy-efficient system comprises a pre-washing and main-washing zone, a rinsing zone and a drying zone. The integrated bag filter system guarantees a cleanliness degree of up to 200 µ.

In order to meet our customers’ needs in all respects in future as well and to use synergy effects, the two previous sites in Neuwied and Andernach were consolidated at the new and future-oriented location in the industrial park Flugplatz Mendig.

We were delighted to preserve our complete existing teams in spite of the relocation and consolidation.