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25 years of experience in container management & reusable logistics Locations across Europe


comepack GmbH is an international specialist provider of logistics services in the field of reusable packaging and is part of the Roman Mayer Logistik Group with a total of over 1500 employees. From our head office in Hirschberg, Germany we work together with various branches in Germany, Poland, France, and Spain.
We believe that supply chains can be organized so that they are transparent and cost-effective, while also saving resources.

To achieve this, we use intelligent container management and sustainable return logistics. We optimize container management in supply chains through the use of efficient AI and smart software. Our comprehensive network of European sites and partners helps to minimize distances and to ensure short response times. Supported by IoT Tracking & Tracing technologies, we provide transparent supply chains. A long service life for the container pools is ensured by proven environmentally-friendly cleaning processes.

With 30 years of experience in container management & return logistics, you can count on us.


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Sites across Europe


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Million pooling load carriers
You can find our locations all over Europe!

comepack Sites Across Europe

We have a large number of sites in several European countries, which we use to provide more sustainable and transparent supply chains both in Germany and overseas. Our sites are networked efficiently, ensuring that you can expect the best comepack service in any location. To keep distances to a minimum, we are continuing to expand our network in a way that also includes your supply chains.

You can find our locations all over Europe!

Part of the Roman Mayer Logistik Group

comepack is a company in the family-run Roman Mayer Logistik Group, your logistics partner for contract logistics, warehousing, picking, process optimization, and assembly. For over 50 years, the Roman Mayer Logistik Group has been offering industry-wide logistics solutions, both on the roads with over 400 tractor units, and online with innovative software solutions, interfaces, and IT 4.0. As part of this group, we can access this comprehensive network and drive forward your business using a wide range of services.

We are part of the Roman Mayer Group
We are part of the Roman Mayer Group

Management Team

A comprehensive service for your container management can only be achieved if all departments work together efficiently. Inter-department organisation is the responsibility of the comepack Management Team, which has four members: Torsten Klein, Johannes Dörr, Sebastian Hook, and Kai Schneider. This group of Managers offers a wealth of experience, combined with new perspectives and innovative ideas. A new focus for the Management Team is the Digital Services Department.

Lernen Sie unseren Geschäftsführer Torsten Klein kennen

Torsten Klein


„I have been involved with logistics and strategic development for comepack at a global level for over 10 years. Since 2021, my focus as CEO has been on maintaining successful development for the company, particularly in terms of digitalization and sustainability.“

Lernen Sie unseren Sales & Marketing Director Johannes Dörr kennen

Johannes Dörr

Sales & Marketing Director

“I’ve been with the company for over 10 years and am now responsible for Sales and Marketing. I am driven by the desire to make our customers’ global supply chains more sustainable and intelligent, and to meet their complex requirements together through our excellent logistics concepts.”

Lernen Sie Kai Schneider, unseren Leiter für Finanzbuchhaltung & Controlling, kennen

Kai Schneider

Accounting & Controlling Director

“I joined comepack in August 2020. I am responsible for all financial aspects, and my team is working to ensure that the company’s success continues to grow in future.”

Lernen Sie Sebastian Hook kennen, er ist zuständiger Leiter für die digitalen Dienste im Hause comepack

Sebastian Hook

Digital Services Director

“I’ve been with comepack since 2019 and am responsible for its digital services and supply chain division. Together we unite physical and digital processes, realizing novel, more efficient solutions. Through our day-to-day work, we’re not only able to feel but measure our improvements.”

Your Added Value With comepack

As a full-service provider, we offer all reusable container services and provide our customers with the tailored solutions that best fit their needs. We identify and provide the ideal combination of reusable container solutions for our customers.

We design and implement new returnable systems and optimize existing systems. We perform all empty container logistics tasks from pick-up through warehousing, cleaning, and picking to dispatch and delivery to your sites, suppliers or customers.

We manage, control, and optimize the container pool continuously, ensuring that containers are always available where they are needed – in the right quality and quantity.


A one-stop shop for all reusable container services


Over 25 years of expertise in reusable packaging


High quality and continuous improvement in processes


Company sites across Europe and a strong network of partners


Solutions tailored to your individual needs


Ongoing personalized consulting & advice

Why Choose

comepack is one of Europe’s leading specialists in return logistics. We create individual solutions for your container management. Our success is rooted in shared values, respectful interactions, a network of sites across Europe, strong business relationships with our partners and a clear shared mission: The development of customized return logistics systems that meet our customers’ expectations.

What we offer our customers

As a specialist in return logistics, we create the ideal customized solutions for our customers. This is achieved by our highly skilled comepack team, who are passionate about the solutions offered by comepack. When interacting with customers, our team will be friendly, fair, and knowledgeable, and will always reflect our company values.

Positive interactions

Teamwork requires validation, respectful interactions, reliability, and honesty. Good work is recognized and any criticism is given constructively. Every employee is part of the comepack team. comepack’s success relies on their commitment and responsible work ethic.