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Earth Day 2024: European Green Deal, PPWR and more measures to support “Restore our Earth”

7. May 2024
On April 22, 2024, Earth Day 2024 was celebrated under the theme "Restore our Earth".…
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On Tour in February: A Recap of Exciting Events

13. March 2024
In February, our team participated in various events that provided us with deep insights into…
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Groundbreaking Impulses for the Future: Automotive Logistics Forum 2024

11. March 2024
Challenges and Solutions for the Mobility of the Future Amidst a time of change and…
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comepack at the Summit of World Market Leaders

13. February 2024
From Decline and Crisis to Renewal and Transformation: How Change Succeeds through Digitalization and Sustainability…
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Take – Make – Dispose – Seriously?

10. January 2024
The traditional approach of "Take – Make – Dispose" for producing disposable packaging and consuming…
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Endless: The Insatiable Hunger for Resources

9. October 2023
Our planet has maintained its size, shape, and position in the habitable zone around the…