Intelligent container management

Optimization potential for an efficient supply chain Predictive planning reliability

Container Management

Why “Intelligent Container Management”?

To increase sustainability and efficiency, we focus on the intelligent design and control of returnable logistcs. We work to save resources and continuously improve our approach to sustainability. We will provide the right load carriers at the right location at the right time.


Order Management
Central sector for increased efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Pool Control & Monitoring
Everything in sight – Improved cost control and decision-making.

Data analysis
Profound knowledge and experience in data analysis and utilization of the latest techniques.

Transport management
Deep expertise in the transportation industry.
– We know the best routes, transportation companies, and storage facilities.

Structured order management with comepack - your service provider is always at your side!

Order Management

comepack is your reliable partner when it comes to container management and reusable logistics. Our experienced staff are always available to assist you and serve as the central point of contact for all participants in the cycle. The entire management and coordination of empty container needs are handled through this centerpiece.

We process inquiries quickly and reliably, always finding the optimal solution for your needs. Order your reusable containers quickly and easily online through our software solution or via email. If desired, orders can be adjusted to your current needs at any time. This forms the basis for effective demand planning and overarching control of container flows.

Structured order management with comepack - your service provider is always at your side!

Pool Control & Monitoring

We go far beyond mere order processing and offer you proactive container management, based on continuous analysis of your needs.

Our approach:
We gather all relevant data, such as order volume, container availability, delivery times, and projected needs. Using state-of-the-art analytical methods, we identify trends and bottlenecks, create rolling container plans that consider your current and future need and keep you always informed about the status of your containers as well as the implementation of the plan.

Discover your benefits
  • Planning security: You can rely on the fact that the required containers are available at the right time and place.
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks: Bottlenecks and delivery delays are identified and prevented early on.
  • Optimal resource utilization: Your container pool is efficiently utilized, and empty runs are avoided.
  • Cost savings: By avoiding bottlenecks and empty runs, you reduce your costs.
  • Sustainability: You contribute to sustainable reusable logistics.

Furthermore, we offer features such as Automatic Container Ordering: When the container inventory falls below a certain minimum level, a new order is automatically triggered. Through container tracking, you can monitor the location and status of your containers at any time. Additionally, we provide comprehensive reports on your container movements and inventory.

Our software continually monitors and analyzes your current demand situation.
With the data analysis of our intelligent container management, you save costs and emissions!

From cargo carriers to information carriers

Intelligent data analysis for a sustainable supply chain

For us, cargo carriers are information carriers. We analyze the data obtained from your container pool and continuously derive optimization potential for an efficient supply chain. This enables us to achieve optimal transport utilization and save CO2 emissions. By effectively utilizing the container pool, fewer repurchases are necessary.

Cargo carriers are not just transportation means for us but valuable information carriers for you. Through continuous analysis of the data from your container pool, we gain valuable insights into your supply chain and identify optimization potential through efficient container management.

Our services:

  • Data collection: We gather all relevant data, such as container type, transport route, and delivery time.
  • Data analysis: Using state-of-the-art analytical methods, we identify trends, weaknesses, and optimization potentials.
  • Derivation of recommendations: We develop concrete recommendations on how to make your supply chain more efficient and save CO2 emissions.
  • Implementation of optimization measures: We support you in implementing optimization measures and accompany you on the path to a sustainable supply chain.
With the data analysis of our intelligent container management, you save costs and emissions!

Transport Management

Efficient and sustainable solutions for your reusable logistics.

Our team of experienced logisticians takes care of the planning and commissioning of all transports for the delivery and collection of loading equipment from all participants in the cycle. Our intelligent container management plays a central role in this process. By analyzing data such as container type, transport routes, and delivery times, we optimize transport utilization and avoid unnecessary empty runs. In doing so, we actively contribute to climate protection while simultaneously reducing your costs.

We optimize transport utilization and avoid unnecessary empty runs by working with leading logistics companies across Europe. At the same time, we conduct regular tenders and audits to ensure high service quality. It’s important for us to advocate for sustainable transport logistics and utilize environmentally friendly transportation methods.

With comepack, you always have a partner by your side who helps you optimize your transport logistics and achieve your sustainability goals.

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