Mechanical engineering

Shaping the future with increased efficiency and process reliability Your components in the right place at the right time Our container management controls supply with empty containers

Special Solutions
For the Mechanical Engineering Industry

We know that our services can help to make supply chains and processes even more efficient and innovative in one of the key sectors for Industry 4.0. To ensure that mechanical engineering remains one of the most innovative industries in Germany in the future, we provide digital solutions that create sustainable and efficient supply chains.
The load carrier acts as an information carrier, supplying reliable data which helps to maintain quality within the logistics processes. Use our services to ensure that your components are in the right place at the right time, fully ready for use.

You'll never have to worry about your load carriers again.

Logistics Solutions for Mechanical Engineering

Our container management controls the supply of empty containers within your supply chain. Let us help you ensure that the right load carriers are at the right place in the right quantities within your supply chain.

You'll never have to worry about your load carriers again.

Load Carriers for the Mechanical Engineering Industry

Load carriers protect your products, support the automation process, and act as information carriers for the digitalization of supply chains. When it comes to supporting complex processes and making them more efficient, comepack is your partner for the design of customized solutions for the industry. Shaping the future with increased efficiency, quality, and process reliability.

We offer tailor-made solutions for your needs as a player in the mechanical engineering sector.

Advantages With
Comepack Logistics Solutions

Single container tracking with our auto ID and IoT technologies

Range of reduced-volume containers

Containers for passive temperature-controlled solutions

Strict cleaning requirements (sales packaging is placed directly in the load carriers)

High delivery reliability

Whether automotive, pharma or trade – every industry needs specific solutions. We have them. comepack offers individual and industry-specific solutions to meet your return logistics requirements.
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We can work together with you to meet your needs through customized solutions.

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