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Questions need answers when they arise, when it suits us – from wherever we are. Sometimes it’s the desire for an uncomplicated service, sometimes for a suitable container, sometimes for a fair price. If you need container management, container cleaning or individual advice, please contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

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    Location Germany

    comepack GmbH
    Badener Straße 2
    D-69493 Hirschberg / Bergstraße

    T: +49 6201 4981-0
    F: +49 6201 4981-220

    E: info@comepack.com

    Location France

    comepack Sàrl
    Parc Economique de la Sauer
    FR-67360 Eschbach

    T: +33 3 88 90 51-51
    F: +33 3 88 90 51-52

    E: info.fr@comepack.com

    Location Spain

    comepack ibérica, S.L.U.
    c/ Joan Casanovas y
    Maristany 24 – 26
    ES-08739 Lavern-Subirats

    T: +34 938 1997-65
    F: +34 938 1997-66

    E: info.es@comepack.com

    Location Poland

    comepack Polska Sp. z o. o.
    Przemysłowa 8
    PL-44-203 Rybnik / Polen

    T: +48 32 72286-05
    F: +48 32 72286-02

    E: info.pl@comepack.com