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Modern Solutions
for the Electronics Industry

We understand that electronic components are an integral and crucial part of every global production network. In this age of complex supply chains, the availability of the necessary components at the right time, in the required quantity, and in perfect quality is absolutely essential. We support the electronics industry with transparent and digital solutions in the field of return logistics and container management.

The diversity of the electrical engineering sector is astonishing. Our solution range is the perfect match.

Logistics Solutions for the Electronics Industry

The industry includes automation, medical technology, signal technology, semiconductors, security systems, electronic components, battery manufacturing, and all associated maintenance and servicing. The electronics industry therefore covers a broad and extensive portfolio with a range of different challenges.

Supply chains need a correspondingly broad and customized range of solutions in order to support the needs of the electronics industry in their processes. In addition to the physical provision of reusable carriers, we are also valuable data suppliers, using the containers as information devices. As a result, we can offer comprehensive digitalization solutions within return logistics and be a reliable partner for the supply chain.

Load Carriers in the Electronics Industry

The requirements within the electronics industry are particularly high. Electronic components must be consistently protected against electrostatic discharge during storage and transport. To achieve this protection, various manufacturers have developed a special plastic made from electrically discharge material (ESD material). These load carriers range from a simple tray or conventional small load carrier to large load carriers for larger components.

We can help you to find the right load carrier for your requirements, digitalize this load carrier using various IoT Tracking & Tracing technologies, and ensure that your electronic components pass through the supply chain in full working condition. Based on our experience, we know that ESD and IoT Tracking & Tracing technologies operate together very effectively. This enables us to supply and process the data that is essential for the secure and efficient creation of sensitive supply chains.

We offer load carriers for your specific needs. Individuality comes with the package.

Advantages With
comepack Logistics Solutions

Routine handling of ESD load carriers

Single container tracking using IoT Tracking & Tracing technologies

Range of reduced- container volumes to save costs and resources

Strict cleaning requirements due to sensitive electronic components

High delivery reliability within a complex supply chain

Whether automotive, pharma or trade – every industry needs specific solutions. We have them. comepack offers individual and industry-specific solutions to meet your return logistics requirements.
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