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What are RFID gates? How does unique tracking work? How is data evaluated and how are reports created? Refer to our glossary to discover which terms are used in comepack container management and how they link to our services.

Our container management software acquires the necessary data for a wide range of customizable reports and data evaluation options. You can evaluate your container management data with just a few clicks and identify any areas requiring optimization at a glance.

Where and when are containers needed, and in what quantity?
Through the use of our intelligent container management software you can optimize inventories because it provides the location and status of containers and tracks all movements. This reduces the capital used.

Through our container management software we can actively prevent bottlenecks. We do this by assessing the overall supply chain based on data provided by the system in real time.

Reduce journeys and save costs. Our container management system uses a transport-optimized delivery concept, which ensures that the journeys made by containers are kept to a minimum.

RFID gates are used for automated incoming goods or outgoing goods bookings for containers. Our services are based on years of experience in the field of RFID Tracking & Tracing. We are happy to advise you on your RFID project and provide the right hardware for your container management.

Using our container management software we can minimize shrinkage and determine its causes.

Are containers available?
Our webclient software knows the location and status of containers and tracks all movements.

Unique tracking refers to single container tracking. We use the latest technologies for this. We do not just rely on RFID tracking or barcodes, but can offer the exact type of container management technology to meet your needs.

Our container management system ensures that you always have a sufficient supply of containers. This intelligent supply control system offers you the supply security that you need.