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We believe that a key task for pharmaceutical manufacturers is to provide medical solutions that help patients today, while at the same time developing innovations for the immediate future. Pharma manufacturers research, develop, and produce innovative medicines and diagnostic tests. With our digital and logistics solutions including our smart container management, we are helping to create a sustainable future and a better life for patients.


Smart Logistics Solutions

In the distribution of pharma and healthcare products, sensitive handling and maximum reliability are required. Goods must be manufactured in line with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principle and distributed in line with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) principle. This presents major challenges for logistics. For example, in personalized medicine a specific temperature range must be observed until the product reaches the patient.

As a GDP & HACCP certified company , comepack meets all health care requirements through its quality management systems for cleaning, handling, and storage.


Load Carriers for Pharma and Healthcare Products

There is no standard packaging in the pharma industry. Many pharmaceutical products are still delivered in cardboard packaging, although there is now a trend towards reusable boxes. This is mainly due to transport damage, handling, and repacking processes, but is also driven by a desire to avoid waste. When it comes to reusable solutions, reduced-volume containers such as the comepack MULTI PACK series are particularly attractive because the capacity of the delivery vehicles and the storage capacity at pharmacies are limited.

Our careful care of the containers ensures immediate readiness for use in your company's internal structures
Our system combines safety and customizability for pharma- and biotech suppliers.

Comprehensive Range of Products in the Pharma Industry

The range of products can be divided into two main requirement profiles for storage and transport. +2° to +8° Celsius and +15° to +25° Celsius. Through the use of comepack’s Tracking and Tracing system with sensor technology for monitoring temperature, humidity, and shocks, data is generated that helps ensure safety when administering liquid or solid medicine to patients. When used in combination with comepacks container management this minimizes transport damage and thus saves valuable resources.

Our system combines safety and customizability for pharma- and biotech suppliers.

Advantages With
Comepack Container Management Solutions

Use of sensor technology for monitoring temperature, humidity, and shocks

Comprehensive range of volume reducible containers

High-quality container management for passive temperature-controlled solutions

Strict cleaning requirements (sales packaging is placed directly in the load carriers)

Seamless communication, optimized processes, and high delivery reliability

Whether automotive, pharma or trade – every industry needs specific solutions. We have them. comepack offers individual and industry-specific solutions to meet your return logistics requirements.
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