Construction industry

Increase the efficiency and transparency of your supply chains Comprehensive digitalization solutions using container management software

Special Solutions
for the Construction Industry

We believe that the digital transformation will be a milestone in the construction trade. With our digital and sustainable services, we are helping to increase efficiency and transparency within increasingly complex supply chains.

comepacks smart container management solution is your next step towards a reliable digitalized future.

Digitalization & Logistics Solutions for the Construction Industry

In addition to the physical provision and management of reusable container pools, we are also valuable data suppliers, using the containers as information devices (IoT). This data can be integrated into artificial neural networks (AI) in order to create forecasting models with realistic schedules for project control. We offer comprehensive digitalization solutions using our container management software as a reliable logistics partner for the industry.

comepacks smart container management solution is your next step towards a reliable digitalized future.

Load Carriers for the Construction Industry

Load carriers protect your products, support the automation process, and act as information carriers for the digitalization of supply chains. In order to make processes more sustainable and to save resources, we use large and small load carriers as well as reusable pallets as required. Through the use of our Tracking and Tracing system with sensor technology, we generate data about position, humidity, and shocks for the sensitive
components that are used in smart buildings and should only be installed above and below ground in specific tolerance ranges with regard to external influences.

A more sustainable future is on the horizon - our container management system will guide you.

Advantages With
comepack Logistics Solutions

Many years of experience of handling special load carriers
High delivery reliability

Wide-ranging digitalization solutions along the entire value chain

Customized solutions

Whether automotive, pharma or trade – every industry needs specific solutions. We have them. comepack offers individual and industry-specific solutions to meet your return logistics requirements.
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