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From Decline and Crisis to Renewal and Transformation: How Change Succeeds through Digitalization and Sustainability

The Summit of World Market Leaders is one of the largest nationwide events in Germany for globally influential companies, consultants, and political decision-makers. This year’s main subjects were the “Transformation towards Sustainability and Climate Protection,” “Digitalization and Innovations,” and current geopolitical shifts.

Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With Germany and Europe amidst a digital transformation, the attending companies are significantly advancing in this area. Key topics included Big Data utilization, Smart Factories, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI usage in particular offers new potentials in quality and efficiency, when seen as a support system for employees throughout the value chain, making processes more efficient and leaving room for more human creativity.

Listening to the keynotes, it became increasingly clear that companies who ignore these essential subject areas are setting themselves up for failure.
comepack auf dem Gipfeltreffen der Weltmarktführer

Impact of Digitalization on the Workforce

AI can provide support to workers in decision-making or the human-machine interface along the value chain. This will also lead to the emergence of new expertise and job roles that are currently in development or nonexistent. The utilization potential of AI, therefore, extends across multiple levels.

Decarbonization of Industry and Circular Economy

The industry leaders showcased practical examples of reducing CO2 emissions to meet climate targets. Topics included renewable energy, eco-friendly production technologies, and waste reduction.
A great emphasis was also put on implementing sustainable circular economies and measures for ESG (ESG = Environmental Social and Governance) reporting to keep track of environmental, social, and governance performance continually.

Geopolitical Challenges and Global Supply Chains

Amongst the experts, concerns over trade conflicts and protectionism’s impact on the global economy were discussed, emphasizing the need for resilient supply chains amidst crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions.

The summit has shown that all forward-looking companies are now actively adapting to prevent future crises.

Gipfeltreffen der Weltmarkführer

comepack – Digitalization and Sustainability in Container Management

For comepack, the summit has turned out to be a great success, showcasing the importance of resilient digitalized circular container management systems in supply chains. Today, comepack offers solutions for digitalization within supply chains, acting as a data provider for resilience and promoting sustainable container cleaning for future-oriented resource conservation.

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