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The traditional approach of “Take – Make – Dispose” for producing disposable packaging and consuming valuable resources is no longer in line with the times. A new, modern approach is needed, and the keyword is “circular economy.” An often underestimated but crucial factor in this transition is an innovative container management.

The Circular Economy: A Golden Ticket to a Greener Future

The linear economic model, involving resource extraction, production of disposable packaging, consumption, and eventual disposal, has passed its expiration date. It’s time for a shift towards sustainable thinking and action. Companies clinging to outdated practices not only harm the planet’s future but also miss out on valuable data, time, and economic growth opportunities. Embracing the circular economy not only offers ecological benefits but also proves to be a smart business move. Enterprises adopting this model can contribute to environmental protection while optimizing their operational processes, cutting costs, and demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Data: The Key to true Competitiveness

In a world where competitiveness is paramount, savvy businesses are already leveraging automated data. Those resistant to this trend risk being sidelined in the new market dynamics. The good news is that the significant advancements in digitalization align seamlessly with the concept of the circular economy. Live data enables optimized resource utilization, improved traceability, and opens the door to smart manufacturing and big data decision-making processes.

Optimized Resource Utilization: Powered by Effective Container Management

Whether raw materials, semi-finished goods, or final products, they all have one commonality: The need for transportation from point A to point B. Modern container management leverages this fact for the benefit of the environment. Simply transitioning from single-use (e.g., cardboard) to reusable transport solutions can make a positive CO2 balance difference of nearly 50%.

The Power of Trackable Cargo Flows

Advanced tracking technologies allow for precise traceability of reusable load carriers (RLC). Utilizing technologies like LoraWan, Sigfox, RFID, and sensors on containers enables real-time monitoring and seamless optimization of resource consumption. The measurement of container flows thereby provides key data within the logistical processes of the supply chain.

From Manual Spreadsheets to Big Data-Driven Smart Manufacturing

The adoption of digital manufacturing technologies allows for a more precise control of production processes at an unprecedented level. Analysis and decision-making now occur on the basis of the entirety of real-time collected values at the big data level. This leads to significantly minimized material and resource consumption levels, reduced waste, and improved reusability.

Diverse Benefits for Consumers

Consumer awareness has grown over the last decade in two seemingly opposing directions. On one hand, customers in the B2C sector expect rapid delivery, extending backward through the supply chain into the B2B sector. On the other hand, the origin and environmental friendliness of products have become increasingly important. The good news is that, thanks to digitalization, companies can profitably address both developments by producing on demand, leading to lower inventories and less waste, through traceable flows product flows.

A Win-Win for Producers and Partners

The benefits of the digitized circular economy are diverse and extend to both producers and partners. Efficiency, transparency, and environmental friendliness define this innovative model. The just-in-time nature enables perfectly coordinated B2B customer deliveries, contributing to overall consumer awareness. A win-win at every level.

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