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With HUTCHINSON Paulstra comepack recently managed to retain a long-standing customer. The two look back on a decade-long successful partnership in the areas of container cleaning and empties management. The expert for vibration- and impact sound insulation especially values the experience, reliability, and flexibility of comepack’s French branch in Eschbach (Alsace).

With this branch office near Hagenau, comepack manages to serve its customers in south Germany, Switzerland, and great parts of France

The excellent traffic connection and first-class technical equipment of this service center is a major plus for many of our customers. Particularly in the catchment area between Karlsruhe, Strasburg, and Metz, many clients benefit from our fast, flexible service with pinpoint accuracy. The highly experienced local team is not intimidated even by the most complicated cleaning processes. Not only HUTCHINSON Paulstra but many other customers know and love these benefits.


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