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We are convinced that container management in the automotive industry is more than just managing VDA KLTs. Spurred on by the massive changes coming our way in the industry, we already see ourselves in an excellent position. Our container management digitizes supply chains and derives added value for you from the data.

comepack offers a fast and easy component-organization-system for all suplliers to the automotive industry.

Demanding Logistics in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, companies often work together with a global production network. This means that numerous suppliers and sub-suppliers have to deliver components to production sites using a just-in-time process that is quick, secure, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Standardized reusable carriers are used for up to 90% of production, storage, and transportation tasks. They are an essential part of this logistics and, like the goods that they carry, they must be available on time.

The Right Load Carrier for Your Requirements

The most commonly used container in the automotive industry is the VDA small load carrier. It is specifically tailored to the logistics processes in the automotive industry. Small load carriers can also be fitted with customized foam inserts, intermediate layers, and lids to ensure that all components are clean and perfectly secure when they reach their destination. In reality, it is not possible to fit the entire product range in small load carriers, so special packaging is also used where necessary.

In addition, large components are packed in a range of big load carriers. For these instances,
unlike VDA small load carriers, there are no standard containers.

comepack offers tailored solutions for your needs as a player in the automotive industry.
comepack offers tailored solutions for your needs as a player in the automotive industry.
Our smart container management system offers individual solutions for all things automotive.

Solutions for a Wide Range of Products

In the automotive industry, the range of products can be vast and it usually includes everything from components or entire modules such as injection moulded and punched parts, turned and precision parts to sensitive electronic components. Due to this wide range of products and their various requirements, it is often difficult to standardize the load carriers used. However, our experience shows that this is not impossible.

Our smart container management system offers individual solutions for all things automotive.

Your Advantages With
comepack Logistics Solutions

Unique expertise and dense depot network

Comprehensive range of standard VDA small load carriers

Pooling and handling of special packaging

Flexible cleaning (oil-free – particle-free > 200 µm)

Seamless communication, optimized processes, and high delivery reliability

Whether automotive, pharma or trade – every industry needs specific solutions. We have them. comepack offers individual and industry-specific solutions to meet your return logistics requirements.
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