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Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Reusable Load Carriers More Utilization Less Dissipation

Our Repair Service
Extending the Lifespan of Your Containers

A reusable load carrier reaches its full sustainable and economic potential when it is used repeatedly over many decades. While plastic is a highly durable material, damages can occur due to external factors, mishandling, or improper usage. Fortunately, many of these damages are repairable with the right equipment and expertise. For us, it is evident that REPAIR beats RECYCLING on multiple levels!

Even More Economical Thanks to Efficient Repair

There are several reasons advocating for the repair of reusable load carriers: Firstly, repair is significantly more sustainable than new production. It consumes fewer resources and generates less waste. Disposing of defective reusable containers can pose problems; landfilling and incineration are not sustainable options. Conversely, repair conserves resources such as water, energy, and raw materials needed in production. Particularly with high-quality reusable load carriers, repair is often cheaper than purchasing new ones. Thus, companies utilizing reusable containers can efficiently save costs through repairs.

comepack Reparaturservice
comepack Reparaturservice
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Welded, and Pressed – Back to Perfection with Ease

Repairing reusable load carriers is a crucial measure to extend their lifespan and conserve the environment. Various methods are employed for repairing these carriers, depending on the type of damage and the material of the carrier:

More about the different procedures
  • Plastic welding, performed by a specialist, joins two plastic parts using thermal energy. Different welding equipment can be utilized. Unlike other methods such as gluing or soldering, plastic welding involves melting the plastic parts and fusing them back together. This process repairs holes and cracks sustainably.
  • Deformations and distortions kresulting from improper handling can be rectified using presses or hydraulic equipment. The press applies pressure, bringing the plastic parts together while reinforcing the weld joint.
  • Many load carriers, especially large ones, feature individual components like latches, closures, buckles, or similar items. Replacing damaged components is a crucial part of maintenance to ensure the safety and efficiency of the load carrier. These parts can be cost-efficiently replaced with corresponding original spare parts.
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Our Repair Service
Higher Lifespans, Lower Costs

In terms of your logistics, our motto is: “Repair instead of repurchase”. Repairing load carriers makes a significant contribution to achieving extended lifespan. Rather than disposing of reusable load carriers such as large load carriers or plastic pallets, we aim to prolong their lifespan through repair.

The benefits are manifold:

  • Repairs are usually more cost-effective than purchasing new containers, thus serving cost-saving purposes. This is particularly true for high-quality containers or load carriers like large load carriers (LLCs) or plastic pallets.
  • Repairing transport packaging contributes significantly to preserving the value of a load carrier pool. Coupled with our container management and cleaning services, the value of a container pool can even be enhanced.
  • Early repairs and measures such as plastic welding can prevent major damages and subsequent high costs. Timely repairs thus play a crucial role in the continuous functionality of reusable transport packaging and ensure product protection in logistics.

Instead of scrapping load carriers, repair focuses on the continued use of the reusable transport packaging (RTP).

Waste Reduction
Instead of disposing of damaged reusable load carriers, which is both laborious and costly, we opt for efficient resource utilization through repair.

Value Preservation
Investments can be avoided through the repair of load carriers, making the container pool more sustainable.

By integrating repair as an active component in container management, only fully functional load carriers are utilized in the container pool.

More Utilization, Less Waste – Why Repairing with comepack Simply Makes Sense

The primary goal of repairing and reconditioning packaging is to extend their lifespan and reduce the need for new packaging. This has several benefits, both economic and ecological. By reusing existing packaging, natural resources are conserved, and waste generation is reduced. Additionally, the reconditioning and repair services provided by comepack are cheaper than purchasing new packaging, resulting in significant cost savings for your company.

From an environmental standpoint, the refurbishment and repair of packaging contribute to waste prevention and the conservation of energy and materials required for manufacturing new packaging. By reducing discarded packaging, pressure on landfills is diminished, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging production and disposal are avoided.

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Repairing and reconditioning is just one of many services and solutions offered by comepack’s innovative container management. Combined with intelligent container management, sustainable container cleaning, container management software, IoT Tracking & Tracing, comepack provides a smart circular system that ensures the consistent preservation of value in your container pool.

Behälter Reparatur mit comepack
Behälter Reparatur mit comepack

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