Rental and leasing of returnable load carriers

Sustainable flexibility: The container loop with comepack explained simply A guide for companies to optimise their logistics processes

Returnable load carriers
rent instead of buy with comepack

The reuse of returnable load carriers and the avoidance of unnecessary new purchases are at the centre of comepack’s activities. Nevertheless, situations may arise in which new load carriers are required – whether due to company growth, short-term requirements or new projects. In such cases, renting load carriers from comepack offers a short-term and economical alternative to purchasing new ones.

Deciding between renting and buying returnable load carriers

A guide for companies to optimise their logistics processes

Returnable load carriers (RLCs) such as pallets, large load carriers and plastic containers are indispensable in the logistics industry. However, companies are often faced with the question of whether to rent or buy these load carriers. The decision between renting and buying depends on individual needs and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as to which option is better. Some of the important factors to consider when making this decision include

All factors at a glance
  • The financial situation

    Companies need to consider their financial situation and determine how much capital can be raised for the purchase of returnable load carriers.

  • The demand

    It is important to determine how many returnable load carriers are required and at what frequency to ensure the smooth running of logistics processes.

  • The expected service life

    Companies need to consider the expected useful life of the returnable load carriers. This can vary depending on the shelf life of the load carriers and changing operational requirements.

  • The storage capacity

    It is important to check whether there is sufficient storage capacity for the returnable load carriers. Storing RLCs requires space and possibly additional resources such as racking or storage space, which may influence the decision to purchase.

  • The risk tolerance

    Companies need to assess their risk tolerance, particularly in relation to potential changes in demand, technological developments and economic uncertainties.

It is advisable to obtain detailed information before making a decision and to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of both options. A thorough decision-making process allows companies to consider their specific requirements and objectives in order to find the optimal solution for their situation. We are happy to support you in this decision-making process in order to increase your operational efficiency and optimise costs.


Sustainable flexibility: the advantages of renting returnable load carriers from comepack

Renting reusable containers offers companies a number of decisive advantages over buying them. Perhaps the most important advantage is that renters do not have to raise capital for the purchase of reusable load carriers. This financial relief improves the company’s liquidity and can have a positive effect on its credit rating. In addition, the flexibility of the rental model allows the number of returnable load carriers rented to be dynamically adjusted to the respective needs and fluctuations in demand. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for companies with changing requirements.

Discover more advantages

Another significant advantage is that the repair and maintenance tasks for the returnable load carriers are relieved. By renting, the lessor takes on this responsibility, which saves time and money and allows the lessee to concentrate on their core business. At the end of the agreed rental period, the load carriers are returned to comepack, which ensures simple and clear processing.

The availability of returnable load carriers in the required quantity and quality is guaranteed by comepack. Customers can rely on their products being transported safely and on time without having to worry about bottlenecks or quality problems with the load carriers.

Another advantage is the scalability of rental models. Companies can quickly and easily increase or reduce the number of returnable load carriers to meet the changing requirements and growth of their business.

Last but not least, the use of reusable load carriers makes an important contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. The multiple use of RLCs conserves resources and contributes to the reduction of waste and pollution, which is in line with the objectives of responsible corporate governance.



Hiring RLCs offers companies many advantages. It is particularly suitable for companies that…

The financial situation

Companies need to consider their financial situation and determine how much capital can be raised for the purchase of returnable load carriers.

  • have limited financial resources.
  • need to be flexible.
  • do not want to worry about the maintenance of RLCs.
  • want to rely on a dependable supply of RLCs.

Whether the hire of reusable load carriers is the right option for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. At comepack, we are here to support you in this decision and offer customised solutions that increase your operational efficiency and optimise costs.

Mitarbeiter mit einem schwarzen Handschuh, der einen schwarzen Behälter in einen blauen Behälter packt
Mitarbeiter mit einem schwarzen Handschuh, der einen schwarzen Behälter in einen blauen Behälter packt

The various financing options
with comepack

In addition to the rental of reusable containers, comepack offers its customers a variety of established forms of financing to meet the individual requirements of companies.

One particularly popular model is the sale-buyback system, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes along the entire supply chain with no additional effort. Here, comepack sells the reusable container or plastic pallet to the first party in the supply chain, who uses it according to the production throughput times. The participant then sells the container together with the manufactured products to the customer at the same price. After use by the customer, the empties are sold to comepack at a lower price (buy-back). The advantage of this system is that everyone in the supply chain bears their share of the costs and at the same time can recognise the returnable containers as current assets. There is also no risk of shrinkage, as the container has already been paid for in full.

In addition, comepack also offers pay-per-day or pay-per-loop financing options in combination with the container- management-software (CMS).

The pay-per-day billing method enables every participant in the supply chain to share in the low rental costs. The rent is billed to the respective user on a daily basis for the useful life of the reusable containers, which is adapted to the production process.

The pay-per-loop billing method is the optimum method if the useful life of the reusable containers within the supply chain is almost identical. With this billing method, the rental price is calculated after the completion of a loop, which ensures a transparent and fair distribution of costs.

The container loop
simply explained with comepack

The reusable container is sent by comepack to the first participant / supplier in the supply chain.

The supplier sends the container and its finished part on to the customer.

When the customer has emptied the returnable container, it is returned to comepack and the loop is closed.

Our wide range of financing options, from rental to sale-buy-back systems, make it easy to get started with comepack’s container management or a smooth addition to your existing container pool. Our financing models combined with our sustainable container cleaning, container management software, tracking and tracing and repair service provide a sustainable closed-loop system that guarantees the consistent value retention of your container pool.

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