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Take control of your empty load carriers

The Smart
Container Management Software

What is a container management software?

A container management software is developed for manually or (partly) automatically controlling the cargo flows of reusable transport packaging. Software of this kind allows for more precise planning, navigation, and control while moving returnable transport packaging like small load carriers, large load carriers, or plastic pallets within a supply chain loop.

This is how container management works

Where are your containers right at this moment? When will they be ready for reuse? Our user-friendly container management software has the correct answer for you, enabling your enterprise to react quicker than ever by taking control of your packaging, not the other way around.

Why This Software Benefits Your Company

Containers are also assets and have a value. They are an essential part of every supply chain and are firmly integrated into supply chains. They must always be included as an asset in plans, tenders, and projects. The container plays a key role when it comes to digitalization and sustainability: it is not just a load carrier, but also an information load carrier. Anyone with experience of pooling or managing containers has doubtless discovered that conventional list- or document-based management quickly reaches its limitations. Containers often end up where they don’t belong and, in these cases, short-term action is often taken to procure large inventories.

Supply chains grind to a halt which frustrates all those involved participants. With our software solution, you can stay one step ahead and create the necessary transparency and overview in order to avoid these situations. Take control of your container pool with our help!

The clear and well-structured container management software optimizes your processes
The clear and well-structured container management software optimizes your processes

Comprehensive Range of Services

Take just three steps to gain a complete overview: Our cloud-based container management software can be customized to fit your structures and processes and offers a wide range of powerful functions.

Our Software…

  • Knows location and status
  • Optimizes inventories
  • Prevents shrinkage
  • Tracks movements
  • Reduces working capital
  • Prevents bottlenecks
  • Knows location and status
  • Optimizes inventories
  • Prevents shrinkage
  • Tracks movements
  • Reduces working capital
  • Prevents bottlenecks

Overview of

Our smart container management software can be adapted specifically to you and your needs. Our core system can be expanded by additional modules and AI functions. We can integrate additional modules according to your requirements, for example Auto Replenishment or Monitoring & Data Analysis Services. This ensures that your container management is optimized continuously, and your needs are met from your container pool. Additional modules can be implemented at any time – just contact us!

Our container management software is highly customizable to all your needs.

Inventory reduction

Define inventory corridors and let our system and AI do the hard work for you. This system not only considers where container inventory is located at the present time, but also how this inventory will be deployed in future. This means you can plan ahead and ensure that containers are supplied on time.

Increased availability

When inventory moves in corridors, you avoid excess inventory and have active control of your container pool. Make sure that containers are located where you need them.

Shortened throughput times

Containers have a value and are used in supply chains primarily for the transport of materials. Utilize our software to ensure that the container pool keeps moving, with efficient control that optimizes inventory costs.

One Software
That Combines Everything

Volume-based and ID-based account management

Intuitive, multilingual & user-friendly

Individually adaptable to structures and processes

Inventory management incl. specific Inventory module

Partially/fully automated bookings (inbound/outbound)

24/7 access via browser
and app

Scheduled alerts
and reports

Easy interface connection to ERP and MES systems


comepack’s LoopCounter grants you intelligent control of specific containers, thereby enabling you to selectively clean or sort reusable cargo carriers, as well as manage the reutilization of disposable load carriers. Revolutionize your container management now!

Product linking

Connect your components to your load carriers

Product linking reveals the individual parts hidden in your carriers. It enables you to track your parts through your container management system.

Automatic replenishment control


Smart software algorithms support you while calculating your empty packaging demands. That way, you can lower the order amounts, simultaneously optimizing the transportation load.

Utilization Fee

Calculation of your personal usage fee

Your container pool should generate money. Together we will find a pricing model, that fits your individual needs. Our system enables you to calculate your utilization fees quickly and easily.

Digital Packaging Manifest

Workflow-based packaging manual

This intuitive workflow-based tool allows you to easily handle clearance- and documentation processes digitally. The system always keeps your packaging instructions up to date.

Automatic Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

Consolidate your custom portals in one system. The automated account reconciliation function saves you valuable time by synching all relevant data in one place.


Integrated BI-tool for dashboards and more

Metrics is a management tool build for data analysis. As an integrated business intelligence tool, it displays your inventory- and movement data graphically. Save time and money by using its dynamic data analysis function.

Control Tower

Monitoring & Data Analysis as a service

Never lose track of your container cycle data. Our control tower concept gives you the possibility to benefit from monitoring, clearing and data analyses as a service.

Improved supply security

Our system tells you in advance if your container pool needs to be adjusted, which means that you can take action before supply chains are disrupted by missing containers.

Lower demand for containers

Efficiency is our number one priority. Your container pool should work for you and not be left unused unnecessarily. By permanently monitoring inventory, demand, and availability, our system regularly determines the pool size that is actually needed.

Reduction in shrinkage and damage

Are you constantly buying containers and then wondering where they actually are? Never lose track of them again; trace the movements of either single containers or overall quantities.

Focus on what’s most important!

Start using container management software and take your return logistics system to the next level! Set up a free consultation with our product experts.

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