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REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE: A positive CO2 balance for reusable containers

One of our recent eco-balance studies shows: disposable packaging leaves a way heavier CO2 footprint when compared to returnable container solutions.

The result: Disposable cardboard packaging has a 49,91 % heavier CO2 impact!

The study analyzed the supplier and customer cycle of a long-standing comepack client. It compared disposable packaging to the returnable container series MULTI PACK 5, used in a 1:1 comparable use case in the production cycle of a large client.

The outcome: A ratio of 1:35. Thirty-five disposable containers were used in the same period that one returnable container could handle.

  • Very sustainable: Reusable containers will, after this eco-balance study, be reliably used in the cycle for many years to come.

With a pool size of 1,5 Mio containers inside of our customer cycles, our digitized container management grants maximum container pool efficiency. Our container cleaning, on the other provides for a long-lasting lifetime, meeting high qualitative standards.

Profit from the know-how of our experts and secure your spot for an Out-of-the-Box Workshop today. We analyze your CO2 footprint and identify open potentials for maximally sustainable container logistics.


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