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Effective container management is a vital part of a sustainable and long-lasting container pool. Our comprehensive professional container pooling services take major pressure off your logistical processes, organizationally as well as economically. Procurement, production, and distribution benefit equally.
comepacks intelligent container management analyses the multi-use transport packaging demand of all circulation participants continuously. By systematically looking forward, we can recognize and prevent bottlenecks early in the process. The result: the right load carrier at the right time, at the right place.

Intelligent container management with state-of-the-art technology standards

Our smart management software not only analyses but actively presents you with optimization potentials, to bring you an even more efficient supply line. The system’s transparency grants you maximum transport capacity, thereby lowering emissions and costs.
Finally, our environmentally friendly container cleaning guarantees a long-lasting container pool.

Mit der Out-of-The-Box-Beratung unserer Branchenexperten sind sie stets gut beraten!

Gain control over your container pool

See for yourself, how intelligent container management, a smart software package, and sustainable cleaning can benefit your enterprise. Our experts are happy to answer all your questions.

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