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Reduce – Reuse – NOT Recycle: Disposable packaging’s High need for agricultural land

One of our most recent eco-balance studies shows: disposable packaging has a much higher need for agricultural land than multi-use transport packaging in a smart container management environment.
The study compared non-returnable packaging to small load carriers (SLC) made of plastics in identical processing steps. The outcome proved disposable packaging to be 69 times less effective than its reusable counterpart. The reason for this, is the enormous volumes of wood and water needed to produce the cardboard packaging. About every fifth tree worldwide gets felled for the purpose of cardboard production, which uses about four cubic meters of water per ton of paperboard.

One reusable container replaces 35 disposable ones

During the review period, it also became apparent that 35 disposable containers were consumed in the same time-frame one reusable container could handle, resulting in a ratio of 1:35. Furthermore, will the small load carrier serve the production line for many more years.

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