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High-quality container cleaning in high tech cleaning facilities

Container cleaning is an integral part of comepack’s container management. Especially the management of complex delivery chains is bound by certain quality standards. Through our resource-saving cleaning process, we manage to increase the longevity of reusable cargo carriers, thereby protecting the environment.

The requirements of the automotive-, pharmaceutical-, medical-, electrical-, and mechanical engineering industries have continuously risen over the past years. As a result, demands for higher cleaning standards for multi-use transport packaging, small-load carriers (SLC), lids, trays, blister, and large load carriers (LLC) have emerged.

Our comepack service centers are equipped with state-of-the-art industrial cleaning machines – energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Our passage-washing machines have multiple lanes and are variably adjustable. All reusable cargo carriers, ranging from reusable plastic pallets to small load carriers, lids, and trays can be cleaned at our facilities.

Drying of reusable packaging as a key component of the cleaning process

Armed with an innovative blow-out zone and high-performance drying, we can achieve residual moisture of ≤ 2 g per container. To ensure adherence to the quality standards, all cleaning parameters are frequently controlled and documented.

All comepack service sites are DIN ISO 14001:2015 certified. The cleaning is performed under strict quality-, environmental, and energy constraints – upon request by the customer in specialized clean rooms with residual dirt rest requirements of up to 200µm.

Through this resource-saving cleaning progress in compliance with strict environmental standards, the longevity of your reusable carriers is granted.

Benefit now from our sustainable container cleaning and the competence of the comepack team!

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Brilliance for your containers

Your carriers are in good hands.  We use environmentally friendly state-of-the-art cleaning machines to ensure quality that fits your individual standards.

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