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Container management should be smart, customizable, steerable, and punctual. Our system unites these traits to bring you the right load carrier at the right time – always at the right place.

comepacks container management encompasses the following areas: Order management, allocation, cleaning, monitoring, data analysis, and transport management of multi-use transport packaging.

Our management software digitizes your cargo flow by tracking & tracing your multi-use transport packaging. Significant advantages include the reduction of stock levels, optimized processing-, and cycle time, as well as avoidance of load carrier shrinkage.

Sustainable container cleaning is the key to a durable container pool

We achieve this through modern facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art industrial cleaning machines and filtration systems, which are highly energy- and water-efficient.

Our long-lasting experience in the implantation of container management, and holistic optimization of existing systems has proven, that our clients benefit from an array of different advantages:

  1. Increased transparency through digitization of analog processes
  2. Reduction of container management process costs by 10-25 %
  3. 10 % efficiency increase as a result of better ports and more efficient container use
Mit der Out-of-The-Box-Beratung unserer Branchenexperten sind sie stets gut beraten!

Intelligent container management: Your empties at the place, at the right time

Get in touch with our first-class consultants to benefit from our smart container management. Thinking out of the box comes with the package.

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